Puerto Rico

Summer Retreat

🌱Season 1 🌱

Work remote in flourishing community

Connect with nature

Build meaningful projects


July 1st - September 30th, 2022


We're building an ecolodge in the mountains of Puerto Rico —

come co-create with us!

Los Tubos Surf Beach - 25 min drive

Old Town district - 30 min drive

Cuevas Arenales Caves - 20 min drive

Day in the Life

Wake up, watch the sunrise, and drink coffee from the balcony. Do personal work through the afternoon, the get out in nature and get your hands dirty working on a project. Wrap it up with a sunset group beach session and come back to a big group dinner.

Dream it, then build it. Learn and teach lifelong skills by building out a variety of permaculture, construction, and art projects.


  • Strong wifi (55mbps) + workstations

  • 7 bedrooms, 5 baths, 3 kitchens

  • 5 acres of rainforest

  • 30 minutes to San Juan, 20 minutes to beaches, climbing, hiking


Develop a blueprint for sustainable, decentralized coliving houses. Build skills and projects on the property. Connect with the local area and community. Get out in nature. General flourishing. Ya get the idea.

Housing & Logistics

Discounts available

  • 50% discount: ~15 hrs/week of project contribution

  • 100% discount: ~30 hrs/week of project contribution


  • Rides provided to and from the airport and for group travel.

  • If you plan to rent a car, schedule in advance to avoid rental shortages.

If anyone you know would be a good fit, feel free to share this page

Schedule a time to learn more

See you out there :)