(alphabetical order)

Charlie VanNorman CoFounder

Cantankerous Governor

Charlie is an EdTech entrepreneur and 3D experience programmer, whose mission is to use games and media to enlighten and empower as many humans as possible. He is also working on designing and developing ideal live-work-retreat properties throughout LatAm to capture the remote work, low cost, and regenerative social living trends.

Damaris Ayala — CoFounder

Sanity Enforcer

Damaris has been managing and building relationships with contractors since the beginning. She is strengthening and building administrative skills to build, rinse and repeat the process for future evolutionary projects. You can usually find her contacting a contractor which means on her phone or computer.

Lisa Betts-LaCroixCoFounder

Dancing through Life

Lisa is a speaker, host, actor and dancer. Through her Super Power U Podcast she amplifies the voices of other powerful women because she believes it's time to link arms and rise together. As an actor Lisa has been featured in over one hundred films and television episodes; She speaks on national stages on Artful Aging. In spite of taking up dance at age 50 she is a World Champion Pro-Am American Rhythm Ballroom dancer.

Sam Albertsen — CoFounder

Beatnik TechnoNaturalist

Sam is working to build a network of purpose-built community houses, focusing on the intersection of spatial design, urbanism, sustainability, and finance. You can find him pretending he’s good at surfing, catching and removing indoor geckos, or nose-deep in excel.

Aleena Vigoda

Indecisive Problem Solver

Aleena is an innovation strategist-turned-web3 community builder working on a social connective tissue between decentralized projects. She’s super stoked on the gifting economy, and how it pertains to cross-pollination of ideas, insight, and information. You can find her mainly staring off into space and thinking very hard about nothing very important

Alixander Laffredo

Bro-Jug Extraordinaire

Alixander is a product manager with a passion for all things audio. When he is not coming up with crazy plans to drive cool products to market, he is composing songs, mixing music, or playing his guitar.

Emma Chui

Side Quest Enthusiast

Emma is a community-minded gal who grew up in a Buddhist household and has long been connected to farms and the outdoors. She loves designing experiences that are fun, thought-provoking, and empowering. Open to adventure and ambiguity, she’s an enthusiastic spirit who wants to join your next spontaneous plan!

Jesse Kriege

Wayward Plant Dad

Jesse thinks fences are humanity's worst invention and hopes to merge his work in healthcare technology with decentralized ideas to reduce human suffering and increase community self-reliance. Daily activities include surfing, gardening and reading about cliodynamics.

Juliette Pouchal

Book Eater

Juliette has been working on various farms in Cali and France and figuring out how to combine her coding skills with her growing passion for farming and the outdoors. Daily activities include reading one of the many-too-many books she always brings with her, solving the nyt wordle, and attempting to improve her very elementary grasp of the Russian language.

Kush Sharma

Kush is currently a scientist at Amber, a gene therapy company working on new ways to edit our genetic material without side-effects. He's also deeply immersed in spirituality - talk to him about meditation, energy work, non-dual philosophy, or currently, qi gong. Goals for the next year: climb a huge mountain, learn to swim in the ocean, build up community in San Francisco.

Lucy Li

Lucy is a visual artist from Southern California. These days her work focuses on exploring natural spaces as portals for healing, and she’s excited to paint her first mural at Mana. When she’s not in studio, she’s usually out with her camera somewhere beautiful or at the climbing gym (her latest obsession).

Miela Mayer

Playtime Aficionado

Miela spends half her time working with early stage climate solutions @Third Sphere and the rest of the time she oscillates between being a photographer, community volunteer, tinkerer, and goon. Latest joys involve attempting to play the baritone ukulele, fermenting, spike ball, and rock climbing. Always around for board games and chats about kelp, permaculture, sustainable product design, or the newest intriguing thing that she’s stumbled upon.

Ryan Cooper

Yogi Cowboy

Ryan could be described as a “wanna-be cowboy” turned hippie, yogi, health nut. His passions include health, fitness, and movement; consciousness and spirituality; plant medicine; sustainable living; nature immersion; and systems thinking. He one day hopes to run his own sustainable eco village where he can host retreats for spiritual development and healing.

Victor Lee

Merchant Explorer

Victor is the owner of Code Ninjas in Sudbury, MA where students come to learn about computer programming. He is interested in business, philosophy, and exploration. He is a proud generalist in a world of growing specialization. He hopes to live a long life to explore into various fields of interest like genomics, economics, and education.

Resident Calendar

Waiting on specific dates from: Ryan M, Mackenzie, Daniel, Summer, Patricia, Paula, Jon, Aidan

Occupancy: the property has comfortable room for 12 -- we're not full yet so let's get it bumping! I'm going to send out wider in my network, if you can think of friends or groups you want to see here, let them know. Rooms are first come first serve.

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