Upcoming Projects

Coming Soon

  • Trails, gazebos, decks

  • Permaculture

  • Art and murals

  • Coworking space

If you have other ideas, pitch your own and we could fund it!

Completed Projects

After extensive interior renovations and repairs, we're shifting our focus to work on projects that help groups flow together

Master bedroom conversion to 4-bed loft room


Want to increase the capacity of the house and create inexpensive living options, but traditional bunk rooms suck.

Normal bunks suck!


Create private sleeping nooks with sound and vibration dampening, total visual privacy, storage space, and built in chargers.

Bridge the gap to an old hydroponics platform


Want to utilize an old platform as an outdoor lounge space, but it's difficult to get on and off

Cool platform, but how do we access it?


Build a bridge that's durable to the elements and blends into the surrounding aesthetic.